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Austin and Travis County Texas

Austin and Travis County have a mission to preserve their past, give context to the present, and provide a path to the future.  As such, Austin and Travis County are focused on its history and cultural enrichment of its community.  In addition, their purpose is to Travis County Logowelcome, inform, and inspire.

To provide its residents with great services, Austin and Travis County provide its community with places of learning and discovery.  In order to support this program, Austin and Travis County maintain excellent educational facilities and learning resources. To accomplish this mission, Austin and Travis County offer:

  • Community programming
  • Historical lectures
  • In-school presentations
  • Museum tours
  • Maintaining a collection of artifacts and documents that have historical significance for preservation and posterity
  • Also, by providing its residents with solid community leadership that will assist everyone in family and business matters.

The city of Austin and the Travis County Health Department

The city of Austin and the Travis County Public Health Departments works hard to keep its residents keenly aware of health issues. Moreover, this is an ongoing process and the public health system and the medical community are on the alert.  

Although the city and county work to keep its community safe and healthy, sometimes bad diseases enter its community.  For instance, two of them are West Nile Virus and Covid-19.  Because health care is very expensive, the City of Austin and Travis County leaders strongly recommend that our residents maintain health insurance to pay for illnesses that could financially affect them.

The city of Austin and Travis County Supports the Community

Austin is the state capital of Texas, an inland city bordering the Hill Country region. Home to the University of Texas flagship campus, Austin is known for its eclectic live-music scene centered around country, blues, and rock. Its many parks and lakes are popular for hiking, biking, swimming, and boating. South of the city

As one of Texas’ oldest counties, Travis maintains a rich legacy — preserved on national, state, and county historical markers found in cities, towns, cemeteries, and along highways and country roads.  Inscriptions are written based on records of the Austin County Historical Commission or the Texas Historical Commission’s archives.

If one desires to raise a family and finally retire, Austin and Travis County meet every desire.  To achieve the honor of retiring, Austin and Travis County residents plan ahead and purchase the following products. 

  • Health Insurance
  • Mortgage or Reverse Mortgage Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Funeral Insurance

Finally, we are really experts when it comes to insurance.  Please give us a call to obtain information that will save you money