Choosing Health Insurance

Choosing either the Original Government Medicare Plan or the Medicare Advantage Plan

Choosing a Health Insurance plan is no easy task. In order to make this choice, Seniors should fully understand what each plan offers, the restrictions (if any), the cost of each plan, and how the plan may interact or interfere with another active health insurance plan.Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

For instance, if a Senior retires and has health insurance, a possibility exists that the retiree may lose his or her present coverage if he or she purchases a Medicare Advantage plan. Please note that the former employer could offer the retiree a Medicare Advantage plan. With that, both company and Senior receive a win-win.

During the process of choosing a Health Insurance plan — one of the Medicare plans, Seniors should also consider Medigap plans, prescription drug plans, the premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and yearly out-of-pocket maximums for both plans.

Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

You can find the information you are seeking regarding a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage on our website. Our information should help you to evaluate and compare the different benefits of a Medicare Policy. As always, if you are bewildered by the choices and want clarification, just pick up the phone and call me.  Just one phone call will answer your questions, provide information, and help you enroll in a Health Care plan.

Let me further explain that our service will continue for years after enrollment. Patrick Medicare Agency will provide information and best of class services throughout the lifetime of your plan. 

We look forward to serving you in Central Texas and especially in Austin & Travis County TX where we serve the great people of Texas.

Finally, those interested should read the information about the different types of Medicare Plans here on this website and upon learning the benefits of both plans, give us a call to find out even more.